Dienstag, 21. September 2010

Da fehlen einem die Worte !

Jedenfalls, wenn man das hier liest:

***AMCA NEWS***von heute

But the performance of the day was once again turned in by the Germans—Katrin Boehner and Dieter Eckel. The two have overcome every challenge so far, completing 2,101 miles, just 13 short of perfection and 284 more than the third-place rider in Class I. Today was particularly tough for the pair, since it included so many miles, for which they need to adjust the belt-drive systems on her 1907 J.A.P. 250 and his 1913 BSA 500 to give them taller gearing, while also including that long, steep uphill in the Texas Panhandle, which required the lowest ratio they can use. Dieter's bigger BSA made it to the top without a problem on the first try. But when Katrin's small machine started to lose momentum about two-thirds of the way up, she calmly turned around and rode to the bottom, where she took a running start at the hill and made it all the way. From there, the two still had to complete more than 100 miles in a stiff breeze, which lowered their maximum speed to about 36 mph, even with Katrin dropping down into a racing tuck. By the time they had reached the finish, the two had been on the road nearly 12 hours, and they looked exhausted. But they also looked like winners.

Mir fällt dazu jedenfalls nix mehr ein. Ausreden wie: Zu steil für unsere alten Kisten, Tour zu lang für so'n altes Geraffel, es regnet, es ist zu heiß oder ähnliche Statements gelten ab sofort nicht mehr.... ;-))