Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

Das Geheimnis der Bonham's Super X !

Kürzlich hatte ich Kontakt mit Jeff, dem Vorbesitzer meiner Super X. Er hatte in meinem Blog gestöbert (***Google Translator*** sei Dank) und dabei die in der ***Bonham's Las Vegas Auktion*** Anfang Januar versteigerte Super X im Original Lack mit Goulding Seitenwagen entdeckt. Und dazu fiel im so einiges ein:

I noticed the original paint Super X with side car.  I tried to buy that at auction over a decade ago.  I quit bidding at $16,000.00 – idiot!
It went to an older gentleman (remark: Marvin Enoch) who I knew in Kansas City.  He let me borrow the original muffler/tail pipe to copy.  Your muffler is a direct descendant of that machine.  So is your pin striping.  The photos I took of that bike guided my painter. The Kansas City man sold it later for $21,500.00, then it went to a collector and I haven’t heard of it since, until I saw it on you blog.

So I attended the first auction of the Super X after it had been brought out of a long term residency at the original owner’s farm. I shot this photo of it. 

Note how the sidecar frame had been painted black. While the bike was in storage at the auction house, with the tub off the frame, an employee didn’t know what the frame went to and threw it in a junk pile in a field.  When his mistake was realized they found the frame under a foot of snow, and rusted. The preservative black paint was a result of that near disaster.

I was in the stands and had calculated what I thought I could afford to bid.  I was excited when the bidding slowed to a stop at $12,000.00, in my range financially. But a guy I know leaned over to elderly Marvin Enochs and said, “This may be your only chance to ever get a Super X,” so much to my disappointment the bidding resumed.  I bailed out at $16,000.00 and Marvin became its second owner and dragged it home.

While in Mr. Enoch’s possession it was left unrestored, which is a tribute to Enochs because he had restored 30-some bikes (30s Harleys. Indian Fours, Hendersons, etc.) to show quality.  This one he recognized as a museum artifact to be left undisturbed. I visited and took these pictures to document details that could only be found on an original unrestored Streamline Super X. 

Marvin auctioned off his lifetime collection of cars and motorcycles. I was there but this time the X sold for $21,500.00, again out of my range, to ***“Motoexotica” *** (a car and bike dealer) in St. Louis, Missouri.

I had heard someone from Long Island, NY had bought it but presumed it would never be seen again, until it showed up in the Bohnam auction listing for the Las Vegas, NV auction.  Apparently it sold for $39,780.00.

It appears that every person who has owned that Super X and sidecar has done well at the point at which they’ve decided to part with it.

Anmerkung:  ***Motoexotica*** hat das Gespann gem Angabe auf der Webpage für USD 32.500verkauft. Auf der ***verlinkten Seite*** sind sehr schöne Detailfotos zu sehen und es wird geschildert, wie die Maschine in den Besitz von Motexotica gelangt ist.

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